#BREXIT, the American wall & kindergarten


The UK just left the EU, Mr. Trump wants to keep Mexicans and Muslims out of the US, and Little Billy just got sent to the principal’s office for a mishap in the sand box. Can you guess the common thread? Here’s a hint: I’m right and you are wrong, I’m big and you are small. It would appear that we are living in interesting times.

When Billy got to the office, after waiting for several long agonizing minutes, he faced a lady with a heavenly smile and touch of an angel. She held his hand, smiled, and ran her long fingers through his hair. Sensing that Billy had calmed down, she parted from him with a life lesson: “Billy, we must look after everyone who is in the sandbox. We should be considerate and give time to the children waiting to play in the sandbox.” Billy nodded, understanding the deep wisdom of sharing. That afternoon when Billy arrived at home, he was greeted by a red-faced mother and an angry father. Having heard a word or two from the angry parents of the other child, they decided to execute ‘justice.’ This was a painful experience that left Billy questioning his values in life. Billy grew up to be an average person, with more questions than answers, with more uncertainty than certainty.

Do you know a Billy in life? Did a caring angel ever hold your hand and guide you towards success? Did a parent break your trust? If so, take heart, you are not alone. You see, sometimes when we speak, we break hearts. Sometimes when we act, we break vows. Our mind is so focused on the now that we disregard any future impact; we neglect to recognize the consequences of the waves that will carry our actions and words deep in the ocean. It was that one moment in time when Billy learned to shout so that he was heard. It was that one moment in time when a bully extended its wings over Billy and turned him towards the shadows.

What am I saying here? Be mindful when speaking with children. Anger, perceived or real, is a threat to our lives in more ways than one. Your children, my children, are the guardians of our future, the binding thread. Do not hurry them, for they may usher in grief. Be gentle in your words and ponder your thoughts. Time, no matter how short, is well spent when children are heard and seen, when elders are respected and heeded, when love is shared and given.

When solitude finds you, I invite you ponder wisdom of these words:

“The reward of goodness is nothing but goodness.”

Till we meet again, stay in peace.

In God’s care!

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