The Tree of Life, part II

newborn-1399155_1280Note: If you have not read "The Tree of Life," this blog will not make any sense. I recommend that you scroll down, read the said blog, then read part II. Thank you.

The pig had eaten the young tree, leaving nothing but the bare stalk behind. No life to speak of, no dreams to dream of. Not wanting to be left behind, the winter did all in its power to steal the remanents thereof. The old man sat in the window next summer, looking at the grave of where that plant once thrived. Not sad, no, because he had seen life closely; but perhaps a little sorry. A year had passed since the death of the tree, then one day, while sipping on warm tea at the time when shadows grow shorter and life emerges from the earth, he noticed that the plant that had once died, was sprouting. In full glory and awe he realized a life lesson that he knew so well, life finds a way.

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