The Tree of Life, part II

newborn-1399155_1280Note: If you have not read "The Tree of Life," this blog will not make any sense. I recommend that you scroll down, read the said blog, then read part II. Thank you.

The pig had eaten the young tree, leaving nothing but the bare stalk behind. No life to speak of, no dreams to dream of. Not wanting to be left behind, the winter did all in its power to steal the remanents thereof. The old man sat in the window next summer, looking at the grave of where that plant once thrived. Not sad, no, because he had seen life closely; but perhaps a little sorry. A year had passed since the death of the tree, then one day, while sipping on warm tea at the time when shadows grow shorter and life emerges from the earth, he noticed that the plant that had once died, was sprouting. In full glory and awe he realized a life lesson that he knew so well, life finds a way.

No matter what the pig did, no matter what the winter brought, there was hope and desire left in that tree. If only to say to the old man, look, we can still spend many days together, I will keep to my word as should you. In much joy, he sprouted with his spring jacket still trying to find the other hand and hurried to pay a visit to an old friend who had been bid farewell. Today, that small plant that could barely stand the light breeze of summer stands tall, true to its words.

Needless to say, I was joyous. I was excited to hear this story. How many times do we give up in life, thinking this was not meant to be? I wondered. The glory and majesty of God brings life to the dead land over and over, yet I give in to dismay, over and over.

The Jews of Torah taught that once a land is cultivated, you should wait for seven years before sowing the land again. The human of today cannot wait for the earth to give fruit so that they can mercilessly remove her children from the ground, break her heart and seed again. Damn the earth, why can she not heal fast enough for us? The pig is so much better than the evolved humans, I thought. At least it does not have the capacity to determine what is right and what is wrong. Yet, as a human, I too am guilty of greed.

The air is turning cooler, or least is trying to. Many plants that survived the brutal attacks have turned to trees, with many dancing in joy as their colorful leaves playfully enjoy the last warm breeze of the season. I look at the bounties that God has given me and my heart bows in prayer, in thankfulness. Just like the young tree and the old man, I too look forward to resting underneath a shade. Perhaps not of a banyan tree, but that of my children, enjoying the bounties of God Almighty.

Till we meet again, may the shades of peace embrace your being.

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