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Cage Fighting

Cage Fighting

We live in a world where children are increasingly being taught cheating, deception, and violence as a result of them playing games and using applications on tablets and smartphones.  In this atmosphere of fear and distrust, how is a parent to pass on a tender heart to their children?  How can I teach my children to be compassionate and caring? Such is the dilemma I faced.

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Flashback: Why Prince Edward Island?

In a word, tranquility. Not that Prairies weren’t tranquil, but the sound of waves called out to me once too often. My lovely maiden concurred and the story began. A Nor’easter welcomed us and the land embraced us. Kids were young and beauty abound, it was a great move! It was a tranquil move.

Our first summer was hot. Humid and Hot. The gentle waves of north shore were warm enough to recharge us from the weariness of travel. The gentle summer breeze, rolling over red sands, caressed the trees and eased our stress; and we welcomed it, with delight.

Moving is difficult. Crazy. Leaving behind the sounds that surrounded us, the serenity that captivated us, the love that bound us was hard. It was our faith that kept us strong. Our friends heartened us, our faith stimulated us and we began our journey to abide in Prince Edward Island.

Lesson learned: Change is necessary, change is essential. We must be strong hearted. It can be rewarding, but comes at a price. Andre Gide observed, eloquently, that “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

If you know someone who needs to be strong hearted, reach out. Touch them. Hold their hand; comfort them with your words; hearten them with your energy. Be a friend. Help them be strong hearted. Help them be tranquil.

In the end, all praise belongs to God, Creator of the world. God is, in a word, tranquility.

Be in peace.  See you soon!